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Within the respect of the regulation

The chained up work, access and position thanks to the rope

The technics to reach and position thanks to the ropes are regulated by many rules and by the labour law. They can be used in some specific cases, mostly when it is not possible to use equipment providing a collective security.

A forbidding principle and limited exceptions
The Labour law specifies “it is forbidden to use access technics or position technics by the means of ropes to build a workplace. However, if this is not possible to use an equipment that provides security for everyone or if it is estimated that the installation
Of a specific equipment would threaten the security of workers more than the fact of installing, the latters may be used for temporary works in a height” (article R. 4323-64).

Strict intervention rules
If it is acted that the use of ropes is necessary, strict rules design the access and the put in place of the ropes.
Those rules are named in the labour law.

Here are the conditions to be respected to use the reach technics and the positioning of ropes :

-The system is made of a rope, meant to be an access spot, for the descent and the maintaining, and a security rope, equipped with a mean to stop drops. Those two ropes are installed separately and the two spots of anchor must be calculated by the employer or by a competent person.
-Appropriated harnesses anti-falls are provided to the workers, thus they are related to the security rope and the access rope thanks to the harness.
-The work rope is equipped with a safety mechanism for descent and rise and has a self-locking system that prevents the user to fall in the case the latter would lose the control of his moves. The security rope is equipped with a device for fall prevention, that is mobile and follow the gestures of the worker.
-Devices and accessories to be used by a worker are attached by an appropriate mean, that allows preventing from the falls.
-The work is scheduled and supervised to make possible a rescue at any time, in case of an emergency.
-The workers receive an adequate training, specific to the envisaged operations and process for safety.


“Your team performed a cleaning service of front in our site “…”. Despite the technical difficulties and a troubling weather for this task, your team, that is very professional, knew how to offer us a valuable service.”

“We have been working with AOS for 3 years, for securing roofing operations (life ropes, spots of anchor, studs, etc…) and various repairs. This company that has our complete confidence is versatile and relevant within many areas. The workers are qualified people that naturally accepted the strict rules of a company like ours. We thank you for your professionalism and skills.”

Nous travaillons avec l’entreprise A.O.S. depuis 3 ans environ pour des prestations de sécurisation de nos toitures (montage de lignes de vie, potelets, points d’ancrage, etc…) ainsi que des réparations diverses. Cette société est polyvalente et compétentes dans de nombreux domaines nous lui accordons toute notre confiance. Les intervenants sont des personnes qualifiées et qui se soumettent facilement aux règles de sécurité qui sont assez strictes dans une entreprise comme la nôtre. Merci pour votre sérieux et vos compétences.

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