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A work about security and with security

Our approach


Adhérent MASE

We always work dealing with the MASE principles, we are the experts of all the technical rules in the matter of the prevention of the risks. We are here to help you respecting all of the new security rules and putting it into action.
We also work respecting the security regulation (EPI).
Our goal is to minimize the impact over the planet, thus we act handling our resources and wastes.

Commitment and direction


AOS confirms its desire to improve the health of all its workers. AOS designs its management SSE toward a permanent goal : Zero accident and to guarantee the sustainable improvement of health, security and environment.

In order to reach that goal, the direction is committed to:
-prevent from the risks at all levels, in every field
-to make responsible and train, the employees, in order to acquire the good practices of work and security
-allow to every worker to practice in security, using the means that have been put in place, avoiding repetitions
-inform and communicate to everyone, information about security and health

The direction is committed to put in place this politic, bringing the financial needs.
We are aware of the impact over the planet and we limit our wastes.
The participation of everyone and the communication of it are the basis to reach our common goal : improving the security management system and make it known by the common system of certification MASE.

The direction counts on everyone to represent this politic.

Vigneux de bretagne.

Jérome MOUNIER, Director.


“Your team performed a cleaning service of front in our site “…”. Despite the technical difficulties and a troubling weather for this task, your team, that is very professional, knew how to offer us a valuable service.”

“We have been working with AOS for 3 years, for securing roofing operations (life ropes, spots of anchor, studs, etc…) and various repairs. This company that has our complete confidence is versatile and relevant within many areas. The workers are qualified people that naturally accepted the strict rules of a company like ours. We thank you for your professionalism and skills.”

Votre équipe est intervenu pour une prestation de nettoyage de façade sur notre site « … ». Malgré la difficulté technique et une météo peu favorable à cet exercice, votre équipe, très professionnelle, a su donner une prestation de qualité !

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