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aos-une-equipe-qualifiee-cibleA qualified team

All of our technicians are graduate and trained for works at a height. They all have a several years experience in hard-to-reach shipyard.
We are specialised in the maintenance and cleaning, the building and the industry and for every situation that could justify climbing.

aos-Professionnel de la sécuritéSecurity professional

Within a MASE concern, we are the experts of all technical norms regarding security and to prevent from all of the risks. We are trained to manipulate the pods and have the experience of many specific works toward the industry such as building into urban environment.

aos-une-equipe-qualifiee-cibleCompetitive prices

We have the material and the know-how needed to offer you optimised timings and prices. We minimized our impact over the planet and act at the maximum to handle our resources and wastes.

Specialists of hard-to-reach works for all professionals of building and industry

Alpiniste Ouest Securité offers the skills of its technicians to professionals for their maintenance works and cleaning works, from building to co-ownership, from community to industry, through hard-to-reach environment.
MASE participant, we offer secured interventions, respecting the more strict rules for the trust of everyone.

A perfect adaptation to your shipyard
When the shipyard requires more than just the intervention of our technicians, as the owner of the CACES 38 trainings, we are able to use the pods.
Thus, we can adapt to every kind of shipyard.

Mastered services
We own all the required trainings and skills to do your work in the perfect security.
Our services are all mastered in latter of security, timings and prices.

MASE participant and involved in matter SSE, we work in the respect of the regulation and can act for the implementation of those rules into your shipyard.
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Quote requests
Industrial, trustee, building company, or community? We are pleased to offer you the quote, do not hesitate to contact us !
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Last actuality AOS

Glasses cleaning of “Harmony of the Seas”

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Nous travaillons avec l’entreprise A.O.S. depuis 3 ans environ pour des prestations de sécurisation de nos toitures (montage de lignes de vie, potelets, points d’ancrage, etc…) ainsi que des réparations diverses. Cette société est polyvalente et compétentes dans de nombreux domaines nous lui accordons toute notre confiance. Les intervenants sont des personnes qualifiées et qui se soumettent facilement aux règles de sécurité qui sont assez strictes dans une entreprise comme la nôtre. Merci pour votre sérieux et vos compétences.

Votre équipe est intervenu pour une prestation de nettoyage de façade sur notre site « … ». Malgré la difficulté technique et une météo peu favorable à cet exercice, votre équipe, très professionnelle, a su donner une prestation de qualité !

Confined Space Work,Building repairs and maintenance,Roof gutter repairs and cleaning,Bird spikes,Painting multicoated or touch up,Glazing installation and cleaning,Window and façade cleaning,Sealant replacement,Blasting – high pressure cleaning,Signs and banner installation,Abseil inspection and digital pictures,Gutter Cleaning,Building Cleaning,Digital Photo,Video Survey,Non-Destructive Testing (NDT),Shafts,Masts, Towers and Pylons, Concrete Repair on bridges and high rise buildings, Repair of historic buildings, and monuments, Sealant Installation and Re- instatement, Replacement Cladding, Jet Spray, Grit Blasting, Roller Brush Painting, Glazing Inspection Replacement and Repair, Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance, Façade Survey, Coating, Inspection and Maintenance, Re-Pointing, External Pluming, Erection of Banners, Aerial photography, Eye Bolt Testing and Installation, Vegetation growth removal, Installation of cable trays, Stone Cleaning and Restoration

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