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A team trained to work with every kind of supports

A professional cleaning for a better maintain of your good

Dealing with the urban or industrial environment, the maintaining of the good is fundamental for its longevity. That’s why our team offer you the cleaning service, inside or outside, for your buildings
Thanks to the flexibility that allows us the alpine method and the pod, we are able to do the maintain of every hard-to-reach areas, for the reassurance or the maintaining.

Services that are adapted to every kind of supports

The architectural scheme nowadays creates a lot of areas that are hard-to-reach: no access to the floor, small courtyards, situations that don’t allow us the installation of a scaffolding…

Our teams are here to offer you many solutions that will provide you professionalism for a competitive cost with these situations:


For your blocked windows and fastener of French windows, fixed glasses or unreachable glasses, bow windows, and to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

Our rope technic has no limit of height.


We perform high pressure cleaning, moss removal to make your front recover its original state.


This intervention consists on having access to the framework for a deep cleaning.


We send specific “sand”, very thin, thanks to a special blasting machine. This technic allows to obtain the original support without affecting it. We also can use it to paint over grafitis.


Nous travaillons avec l’entreprise A.O.S. depuis 3 ans environ pour des prestations de sécurisation de nos toitures (montage de lignes de vie, potelets, points d’ancrage, etc…) ainsi que des réparations diverses. Cette société est polyvalente et compétentes dans de nombreux domaines nous lui accordons toute notre confiance. Les intervenants sont des personnes qualifiées et qui se soumettent facilement aux règles de sécurité qui sont assez strictes dans une entreprise comme la nôtre. Merci pour votre sérieux et vos compétences.

“We have been working with AOS for 3 years, for securing roofing operations (life ropes, spots of anchor, studs, etc…) and various repairs. This company that has our complete confidence is versatile and relevant within many areas. The workers are qualified people that naturally accepted the strict rules of a company like ours. We thank you for your professionalism and skills.”

“Your team performed a cleaning service of front in our site “…”. Despite the technical difficulties and a troubling weather for this task, your team, that is very professional, knew how to offer us a valuable service.”

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