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A professional team, reactive and who acts in security within the lowest prices !

Être en hauteur est notre métier

Created in 2006, the G-FACE Company, or AOS (commercial name), was founded by J. Mounier to respond to the need of professionals of the industry and urbanism, in means of maintenance and security.
Located in Vigneux de Bretagne, between Nantes and Saint Nazaire, AOS acts mainly in Loire-Atlantique. Almost 10 years in the height and every variation of cleaning, building and industry!

The manager and 5 employees, hence 4 graduate technicians.

-several trustees, co-ownership and lessors
-generalists companies and specialists of building
-substantial industrial groups
-communities, municipalities, regional council,…

A qualified professional team

All our technician are certified for works in a height, we also detain several qualifications and skills such as :
-CACES pods
-Outside company Security levels 1 and 2
-Works in site EDF out of controlled zone
-Verification EPI
-certification of installation of life lines

Pods or works on rope, we do both

It happens that climbing is not the most appropriate way for some shipyard.
That is why we also may use a pod, depending on the shipyard we are working on.


“Your team performed a cleaning service of front in our site “…”. Despite the technical difficulties and a troubling weather for this task, your team, that is very professional, knew how to offer us a valuable service.”

“We have been working with AOS for 3 years, for securing roofing operations (life ropes, spots of anchor, studs, etc…) and various repairs. This company that has our complete confidence is versatile and relevant within many areas. The workers are qualified people that naturally accepted the strict rules of a company like ours. We thank you for your professionalism and skills.”

Nous travaillons avec l’entreprise A.O.S. depuis 3 ans environ pour des prestations de sécurisation de nos toitures (montage de lignes de vie, potelets, points d’ancrage, etc…) ainsi que des réparations diverses. Cette société est polyvalente et compétentes dans de nombreux domaines nous lui accordons toute notre confiance. Les intervenants sont des personnes qualifiées et qui se soumettent facilement aux règles de sécurité qui sont assez strictes dans une entreprise comme la nôtre. Merci pour votre sérieux et vos compétences.

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